My grandfather was in the ICU for a few days recently and we had Page as our nurse a few different times throughout his stay. Each and every time, he went out of his way to make sure that every single family member was updated and was truly educated on what the plan was for his care. He was so caring and yet so honest with each of us.

When the time came to say goodbye to my grandfather, he was truly the backbone to our entire family. My grandfather wasn’t getting any better and he was ready to go to the other side. He asked Page to call the priest and prepare the family. Page did just that. He explained what we could expect when he was unhooked from the machines that had been keeping him alive but also assured us, he would be comfortable and not in any pain. He gave us the space to say goodbye and to have our last family prayer together.

During the entire process having him in the room was comforting to each and every one of us. We knew my grandfather respected him and respected his professionalism throughout his stay. He was able to help my grandfather remain comfortable in his last few minutes with us and made the entire process of saying goodbye very peaceful.

Once my grandfather passed, he helped us coordinate getting the funeral home set up and with our high emotions and abundance of tears, this nurse again became the backbone for our family.
Being an ICU nurse cannot be an easy task. Often times, you are the person that ends up spending the last few minutes with the patient and you are the one that experiences the overwhelming grief that loved ones face. The respect that I have for not only this nurse, but all the other nurses in the ICU is overwhelming.

I cannot say thank you enough for being there for my grandfather and my family through the difficult time. You made a difficult situation very peaceful. You not only respected my grandfather during his stay and all his crazy requests and demands but you respected him afterwards.