Daniel Ordyna

April 12th, 2016


Portneuf started as a partnership to build a world-class medical center. Five years later, Portneuf has become much more than what is inside this building. Everyone in our community – physicians, business and community leaders, hospital administrators, all of us in Bannock County – pitched in to do what none of us could accomplish alone.

Since 2009, the joint venture created between the Portneuf Health Trust and LHP Hospital Group has worked to create a robust network of healthcare providers including Portneuf Medical Center, Portneuf Quality Alliance, Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute, and numerous physician practices, working together as Portneuf Health Partners, to help us reach our potential for high-quality care.

Our not-for-profit owner, the Portneuf Health Trust, invests in projects in our community to improve health. The most visible piece of their work is the new wellness complex. But they also support the Idaho Food Bank, the Pocatello Free Clinic and other charities.

Maybe you’ve see the Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute. These athletic trainers watch out for our children at school sporting events or community events free of charge. They offer free sports physicals to high school athletes every year, they tape ankles, conduct comprehensive concussion tests, evaluate injuries and provide physician referrals.

Portneuf also has traditional doctors’ offices to care for our community. These range from primary care and weight management to cardiac care and cancer treatment, just to name a few.

Finally, Portneuf Health Partners includes the Portneuf Quality Alliance (PQA), a group whose mission is to improve the quality of care while also controlling the cost of care. PQA works in coordination with Portneuf doctors’ office as well as independent providers in our community. Together, in a concerted effort, they are working to bring better health to all the residents in southeastern Idaho.

And of course, the extensive team working inside Portneuf Medical Center is committed to giving every patient world class care, every time.

So while the sign on the building says medical center, the truth is we are a partnership. Wellbeing happens when doctors, business leaders and our community come together. We hope you believe, as we do, that when we look beyond ourselves and focus on helping our neighbors, we truly are all together better.

Dan Ordyna has been the chief executive officer of Portneuf Medical Center since July 2013. He has a Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in accountancy from Brigham Young University. He and his wife, Holly, have five children and reside in Pocatello.