Hannah E Caulfield, MD

October 16th, 2016

As women approach menopause, they sometimes experience a decrease in elasticity and density in their breasts. This can make breasts feel more lumpy or irregular. While this is an expected change it can be disconcerting because it is new and different. Just like when our breasts change in adolescence it is important to learn your new “normal.” Knowing what is normal for you can save your life, and there is no better time to get started than during breast cancer awareness month.

Monitoring for change is important for all women and especially for those approaching menopause because as we age our risk of developing cancer increases. Performing monthly self-exams, having yearly clinical exams and regular mammograms are three essential steps to making sure that you and your doctor know your baseline and can tell if there are any concerning changes. At least 50% of all women have lumpy, irregular-feeling breasts; so it is important to have baseline mammograms and examinations with your primary care provider to help tell if these are normal changes or something that needs further investigation.

I will be hosting the Red Hot Mamas seminar on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at Portneuf Medical Center. The seminar, “Breast Changes in Menopause,” will cover the evolution, anatomy, screening methods, lumps and bumps and the three major hormones affecting breasts.

The Red Hot Mamas seminars are free and all women are invited to attend. Grab a girlfriend or two and come find out more about this unique time in a woman’s life. The seminar is in the Pebble Creek Room at Portneuf. Doors open at 6pm; the presentation begins at 6:30. Light refreshments will be served. To reserve a seat, visit our event page. To learn more about Portneuf’s upcoming seminars including Red Hot Mamas, be sure to like Portneuf Medical Center on Facebook.

Healthy lifestyle choices are important to maintaining healthy breasts. Minimize or avoid alcohol, consume as many fruits and veggies as possible, and minimize saturated and trans fat. The key is to maintain a healthy body weight and exercise regularly.

To learn more on how to keep your breasts and your body healthy during menopause, please join us at the next Red Hot Mamas Group. If you need a primary care physician visit, find a doc today.

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