Portneuf Health Partners

April 1st, 2016

Around here, we take care of our own. We look out for our families, and help our neighbors. So when we saw a way to make our healthcare even better, we all pitched in to do what none of us could accomplish alone.

With lots of hard work and ingenuity, everyone in our community – doctors, business leaders, all of us in Bannock County – came together to create new partnerships to help us reach our potential for high-quality care.

Today, Portneuf Health Partners includes the joint venture between Portneuf Health Trust, LHP Hospital Group and a robust network of providers including Portneuf Medical Center, Portneuf Quality Alliance, Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute and numerous physician practices.

Together, we’re on a mission for better health, working together to deliver a higher level of care and a healthier community for us all.