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June 9th, 2016

Cancer Center 2015

National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual, treasured celebration of life that is held nationwide and around the world. It is a day set aside to celebrate those who have survived, to inspire those who have recently been diagnosed, to gather support for families and to reach out to the community. Each year in June, thousands gather across the globe – including more than 14.5 million cancer survivors – to honor those whose lives have been touched by cancer and to show the world that life after cancer can be rewarding and even inspiring.

Whether you are a survivor, a family member, friend, caregiver or medical professional, this is a celebration and an opportunity to come together and connect as well as to celebrate and recognize all those who were instrumental in helping you or a loved one along the way to survivorship. Additionally, National Cancer Survivors Day is a time to draw public attention to the ongoing challenges of survivorship and to help promote the need for more resources, research and survivor-friendly legislation to improve quality of life for all those who have been touched by cancer.

To celebrate all those who have passed through the Portneuf Cancer Center and those who have been a part of the celebration of life, we invite you to come and enjoy one of several unique celebratory events. Portneuf Cancer patients should be receiving an invitation in the mail soon, if by chance you have not received an invite in the next week, please contact call Robb Dye at 239-1754 or Stephanie Armstrong at 208-239-1048.To learn more about upcoming events at Portneuf, please find us on Facebook.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, we invite you to visit our facility and meet our dedicated team of professionals. To learn more about the standard treatments for cancer therapy visit www.cancer.net.

Portneuf Cancer Center