Community Impact Report 2019


Community Impact Report

Medical Center

  • Total Employees: 1,566
  • Total Payroll: $105,825,089
  • Property and Sales Taxes Paid: $3,579,195
  • Uncompensated Care Given: $16,067,952
  • Licensed Beds: 205
  • ER Visits: 33,835
  • Babies Deliveries: 1,208
  • Charitable Contributions: $249,232
  • Employed Providers:

Medical Group

  • Employed Providers: 88
  • Number of Specialty Clinics: 11

Sports Medicine Institute

  • Certified Athletic Trainers had 2,640 contacts with athletes between School District 25, ISU, concerts and community events
  • Average Days Onsite at Each Local High School: 166

Portneuf Quality Alliance

  • Enrolled in Medicare Shared Savings Plan
  • With Caribou County Memorial Hospital partnership, expanded services to Caribou County
  • Held costs steady on PMC Employee Health Plan and on True Blue exchange product

Five entities make up Portneuf Health Partners; together each offers its own contribution in making eastern Idaho better.

  1. Portneuf Medical Center cares for patients and their families with a higher level care.
  2. Portneuf Medical Group has over 88 providers inĀ 11 specialty clinics.
  3. The Portneuf Health Trust is our local, not-for-profit owner.
  4. The Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute sends certified athletic trainers to help our high school or community athletes be safe while actively participating in sports.
  5. Portneuf Quality Alliance is a network of physicians an providers who are dedicated to offering the best possible care at a competitive price.

Together, Portneuf Health Partners play a major role in the physical and economic health of the entire community. This is still a place where neighbors look after neighbors and partnerships mean we accomplish more than we ever could individually.