Teddy Bear Clinic

Families throughout southeastern Idaho share their homes with polka dotted dogs, furry monkeys, pink Arabians, friendly lions, and some, perhaps even have a spirited unicorn. While these animals don’t eat much, they wear plenty of hats and are often found sleeping under the covers, sneaking into backpacks, partaking in tea parties, comforting the nighttime frights and dare I say they often are infused with a bit of magic. Like children, little furry friends sometimes get injured or sick and need to be seen by a caring professional in order to get better.

general-tbcThis is the premise behind the Teddy Bear Clinic. We at Portneuf Medical Center know that a trip to the hospital can be overwhelming and a bit frightening for little ones. If your child’s stuffed animal can handle a visit to the hospital to get stitches or a bandage, then, if or when, your child needs to visit the hospital for an injury or illness, they will be less frightened.

Portneuf Medical Center invites all children ages 2 to 12 to the annual Teddy Bear Clinic.


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