Anthony E Joseph, MD

April 24th, 2015

FREE PHYSICALS: MAY 5th & 6th @HHS, 7:00PM – DOORS CLOSE AT 6:30PM, you must be there before 6:30…

  • May 5th 2015 – GIRLS Physicals @ Highland High School
  • May 6th 2015 – BOYS Physicals @ Highland High School

In order to participate in high school team athletics, students are required to have a physical in their Freshman year and again in their Junior year. Please note, if you had a physical done during your sophomore year, students are still required to have one in their Junior year in order to be eligible for sports. To help ensure that our student athletes are ready for summer sports, camps and school athletics, Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute and a host of board-certified physicians from Portneuf Medical Center have coordinated with School District #25 to host FREE sports physicals on May 5 for young women and May 6 for young men.

This year, all sports physicals will be done at Highland High School at 7pm. Interested participants must be there before 6:30. The doors will close at 6:30 and no one will be admitted once the doors close. Please note: parent signatures are required on the form before we can conduct a physical on a minor. Forms are available in the office at your school and, of course, we will have forms on hand during the free clinic. We ask that young men wear loose cotton shirts and shorts and young women wear sports bras with loose cotton shirts and loose cotton shorts.

These are exciting times for local student athletes. Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute continues to provide a very comprehensive program for athletics that includes the full spectrum of injury prevention, physicals, care and rehabilitation for student athletes. The hallmark of the Sports Medicine Institute and the team of medical professionals is their unwavering commitment to prevent and protect athletes before, during and after play. Thanks to the support and financial backing of Portneuf Medical Center, we care for your family and your student athlete both on and off the field. The Portneuf Sports Medicine trailers, formerly Tri-Med, will continue to be onsite at events in southeast Idaho to provide immediate access to diagnostic tools, trainers and supplies.

From wellness to nutritional counseling to state of the art surgery and sports rehabilitation, Portneuf Sports Medicine and Pocatello Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine are renowned for their ability to keep high school athletes, weekend warriors and sports professionals at their very peak of performance. Whatever your passion, sport or activity, we are here to prepare you for and keep you in the game.

On or off the field, you can count on us to care for your family.