Aaron J Altenburg, MD

October 31st, 2016

joint-replacementWith a legacy of innovation and leadership in joint replacement surgery, we are well positioned for the future. As leaders, we recognized that the perioperative needs of our joint replacement patients were unique and different from other hospitalized patients. With this knowledge, in 2012, we opened the Portneuf Total Joint Center, a center dedicated specifically to care for our special joint patients.

Today, we are doing over 1,000 replacements annually and we do so with a 97 percent patient satisfaction rate. Because of volume and expertise, we have an entire floor and a team of well-trained nurses solely dedicated to joint replacement patients. Rapid recovery protocols and pain management techniques have evolved over the past decade. As a collective result, we are seeing a decreasing length of stay; presently, over 30 percent of our patients are going home in 24 hours or fewer.

Our continued commitment to excellence, a significant reduction in readmission rates, and quicker recovery times have placed us in an excellent position for the future; a future that will include outpatient total joint replacement. While it has to be performed perfectly and the criteria for success is multifactorial, the future of having joint replacement surgery performed on a same day and for patient to be back home that afternoon is on the horizon.

Portneuf Medical Center in conjunction with local orthopedic surgeons is poised to break ground on an outpatient total joint replacement center. For the right patient, our joint surgery center will offer the same level of unsurpassed care in a more intimate environment with a proven and well-established rapid recovery program dedicated to getting these patients home safely on the same day.

Because our team is active, both educationally and clinically, we have access to many of the latest treatments and newest technologies. We consistently rank among the top in the northwest region for performing cutting-edge and innovative orthopedic surgeries. In fact, studies show that our total joint replacement patients are happier, healthier and stronger after surgery than patients at many other facilities. The Total Joint Center and our advanced joint replacement program can help you return to an active lifestyle and a higher quality of living.

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