Heart Disease – Know your Numbers

Heart Disease - Know your Numbers

[caption id="attachment_16814" align="alignnone" width="401"]A doctor listening to his patient's heartbeat with a stethoscope A doctor listening to his patient's heartbeat with a stethoscope[/caption]

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Because of it deadly nature, it is very important to learn about heart attack warning signs, know your risks for heart disease, be proactive about your healthcare and continue to make healthy lifestyle choices.

It is mistakenly thought that crushing chest pain is the most important heart attack symptom, but did you know that heart attacks can present with more mild symptoms? Not being able to recognize or discounting worrisome symptoms may cost a life, perhaps your own. When it comes to matters of the heart, always listen closely to the signs and symptoms of heart attacks and react as if your life depends on it.

Part of being heart disease aware is knowing your ‘heart health’ numbers. Thru the month of March, Portneuf is offering a series of reduced-fee lab tests. Tests include a coronary risk profile and a battery of blood tests that measure your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Screening forms are available at www.portneuf.org/services/lab. Once you have your lab results, it is important to schedule a visit with your primary care provider to talk about your numbers, your risk factors and your heart health.

Knowing your heart health numbers will help especially if you have any of the following risks:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Overweight
  • Physical inactivity
  • Family history

To check your heart risk visit www.portneuf.org/hearts and answer three simple questions. To learn more about your heart and upcoming events, like us on Facebook or visit Portneuf.org.

No matter your age or associated risks, if you are looking to improve your health, don’t smoke, eat a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weigh and make your heart health a priority. In fact, 80 percent of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented with education and action.

With an ongoing personalized focus on education, treatment, and advanced cardiovascular therapies, our local cardiologists are helping patients with cardiovascular complications and improving their quality of life. If you have cardiac risk factors or have experienced heart related symptoms, talk to your physician to see if a visit with the specialists at Portneuf Medical Specialties may be appropriate for you. To schedule an appointment, call 208-239-2722.