Diagnosed with Cancer During COVID-19, Portneuf Cancer Center was Ready

Years ago, Oklahoma native, Gail D. relocated to Pocatello for a position at Idaho State University, where she was actually tasked with outfitting the walls of Portneuf Medical Center with artwork as a department chair at the school. She fell in love with the people, scenery and atmosphere; and quite literally, at the heart of it all – located in the center of the town – is her beloved Portneuf Medical Center.

The Benefits of Robotic Surgery

In 1985, the world witnessed the first ever robot-assisted surgical procedure. Today, robotic assisted surgery is the gold standard for excellent surgical care.

Portneuf Medical Center offers Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted and DaVinci Xi and Si robotic technology. With a team of highly skilled surgeons, we offer a higher level of surgical care.

There are reasons why robotics have emerged as the standard in surgical care:

Patient Testimonial – Melanie Parrish Anderson

Patient Testimonial – Melanie Parrish Anderson

Nurses are the heart of health care; they are angels by profession. And if there is one thing these healthcare angels show us, it is that a career is not simply a profession, but a way of life. I know that many of our nurses go above and beyond every day, but on this particular day and in this story, our own Craig Lathan, RN stopped and saved a life, it was the life of a teacher, a mother, a grandmother and a community member. The setting was not in a hospital room with a crash cart and assistance, but rather on the Interstate with only his training.

Patient Credits Portneuf Staff for Helping Her Feel at Home Despite Sudden Spine Surgery

Cassia M., 39, tweaked her back while stepping out of the car. Four days later, the pain in her back was significant enough to bring her to the emergency room. The physicians at Portneuf Medical Center’s (PMC) emergency department, following a full diagnostic workup, informed her that she needed immediate surgery.

The Relationship Between Sleep and Stress

The Relationship Between Sleep and Stress

Many of the stressors we face day to day can trigger a fight-or-flight response. Prolonged exposure to this stress without relaxation can result in shorter sleep duration and poorer quality sleep.

When you experience stress, your body undergoes a hormonal response in the form of releasing cortisol and other stress hormones. This hormonal cascade creates a burst of energy that allows you to fight or flee from a real or perceived danger.

Portneuf Medical Center Administers First COVID-19 Vaccine to Frontline Team Members

Pocatello, ID – Today, Portneuf Medical Center (PMC) began administering COVID-19 vaccinations to front line team members. PMC expects to administer over 450 vaccinations from this first shipment. “This is a historic moment for our organization, for our team members and for the community,” said Jordan Herget, CEO of Portneuf Medical Center.

Giving Thanks

To Our Team and Our Community, As we gather with our friends and family during this holiday season, I am humbled and filled with immense gratitude. On behalf of the Portneuf Medical Center team, thank you! The pandemic has changed our world.