Medical Minutes

Understand and Protect Your Hearing at Menopause

About 48 million adults report some degree of hearing loss. By the age of 65, 1 out of 3 people has a hearing loss. In fact, the loss of hearing is the 3rd most common physical condition after arthritis and heart disease. For women entering the menopausal years, it can feel like everything is changing all at once, including the ability to hear. Many people feel that they are missing out on important conversations, especially in group settings or noisy environments."

All Together Better


Portneuf started as a partnership to build a world-class medical center. Five years later, Portneuf has become much more than what is inside this building. Everyone in our community – physicians, business and community leaders, hospital administrators, all of us in Bannock County – pitched in to do what none of us could accomplish alone.

By working together, we’re making Eastern Idaho a better place

Around here, we take care of our own. We look out for our families, and help our neighbors. So when we saw a way to make our healthcare even better, we all pitched in to do what none of us could accomplish alone.

With lots of hard work and ingenuity, everyone in our community – doctors, business leaders, all of us in Bannock County – came together to create new partnerships to help us reach our potential for high-quality care.

Working and Menopause

Every woman has a different script for her hormones during the perimenopausal years. In fact, your hormones could be doing a number of different things in the years leading up to menopause. Fluctuating hormones often bring about a host of short-term physical symptoms including bloating, irritability, mood swings, lethargy, food cravings, headaches, anxiety, increased stress and more. The good news, once a woman reaches menopause, hormones tend to stabilize. However, in the years leading up to menopause, many women experience a few bumps in the hormonal journey.