Organically Grown and Trained


Health enthusiasts are strong proponents of buying local. Food from the area you live is beneficial and more likely to include properties that are best for your body. There is a strong focus on quality and value when items are developed for friends and family.

The same is true in healthcare. When healthcare is close to home, a part of a community and is well-trained, you get some of the finest care. Our Emergency Department is a proponent of supporting and advancing members of our own team.

“When you have talented people, they naturally want to advance,” said Merrillee Wells, RN, Director of Emergency and Trauma Services. “Capable, ambitious young employees want training, support and mentoring.”

This year, we are proud to share that a number of employees in the emergency department will earn higher degrees. Five employees who started as technicians will earn their RN degrees; two technicians have been accepted into medical school; two LPNs and two CNAs will earn their RN degrees in May, and one employee has earned his Nurse Practitioner (NP degree) and is part of the Emergency Department team. As we highlight the recent advancements of staff in our emergency department, it is important to know that this is just one example of supporting local talent.

“I had a vision for healthcare,” said Wells. “Our community deserves the best! I was raised here; I was mentored by local caregivers; and as I moved up the ladder in my career, I felt the need to give back and support the advancement of the next generation of engaged employees. We are very proud of this program and happy to schedule and work with employees so they can achieve their personal best!”

Portneuf Medical Center’s Emergency Department is ready and proud to serve all of Southeastern Idaho. We diagnose and treat a wide range of medical ailments from acute care and minor injuries to chronic illnesses and major medical emergencies. Our highly trained staff and team of board-certified physicians are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to handle your minor and major medical needs.