We Take the Guesswork out of Healthcare Costs

To get an estimate on your hospital costs, patients please call 208-239-1631. We maintain a separate line for physicians at 208-239-1630.

When it comes to your medical care, we want to help take the guesswork out of healthcare costs and eliminate as many unknowns as possible. Portneuf communicates with your insurance company so our patients know their bottom-line costs in advance. The purpose of the inquiry line is to identify what you will potentially have to pay out of pocket for your upcoming services. Once we determine an expected cost for service, you will be given the opportunity to pay all or some of the expected patient amounts.

The benefits of this service include:

  • Better information regarding your specific care
  • Access to available pre-planning payment options
  • Ability to review contractual discounts

We believe when our patients are informed, understand their healthcare costs, and they do not have to worry about unknown expenses, they are better able to focus on a return to good health following a medical procedure.

Patient Pricing Line applies to hospital specific technical charges and does not include physician fees or other specialty services, which are billed separately.

Information Needed Before We Can Best Assist You

To make sure the estimated costs are both accurate and timely, please collect the following information from your physician’s office:

  • Primary Diagnosis International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Code
  • Primary and Secondary Insurance Information
  • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for primary and secondary procedures
  • Expected patient status: outpatient, inpatient, or observation

A cost estimate is established on anticipated procedures and typical outcomes. Remember, this is an estimate and every case is different and unique; you should expect some variations to most estimates. Of course, any over payments will be refunded; under payments will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine the accuracy of the original estimate compared to actual procedures done. If it is determined that there were significant errors in the original estimate, we will honor the original estimate given.

The nature of healthcare is such that a physician sometimes needs to make last minutes changes to treatments and/or procedures in the best interest of patient care. If this occurs, the original estimate will be invalid, but we will still work with you to assist you in reconciling the unanticipated balance.