Portneuf WorkMed to offer Passport Health Services

Portneuf WorkMed to offer Passport Health Services

From Nepal to Kenya, from China to India and to all the places you may travel, our Travel and Immunization Clinic will personalize a plan to keep you healthy. While we provide full pre-travel physical exam and immunizations, we specialize in offering comprehensive travel health services that go beyond the exam.

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Here is what our Passport Plan offers:

  • Pre-travel exam that includes, if applicable, labs and EKG
  • Review immunizations and administer updates
  • Administer required destination immunizations
  • Prescriptions for prophylactic treatment (i.e. Malaria)
  • Medical file foreach traveler that includes documents, lab reports, EKG, prescriptions and other health information
  • In-route and destination prescriptions-motion sickness, diarrheal illness, anxiety, common infections (urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections), insomnia, skin disorders, minor dental emergencies
  • Provide one on one consultation with physician experienced in travel including third world medicine
  • Health safety plan tailored to individual needs considering pre-existing medical conditions, destination and travel plans
  • Complete review of medical and dental history, prescription medications
  • Post travel follow up consultation re: persistent diarrhea, fever, flu-like symptoms (i.e. on-site point of care testing for malaria)
  • Medical Kit recommendations and packing guidelines

Of course, health is one component of travel, the other is safety. We have access to the latest information for the CDC, WHO and other travel databases that assist us in providing CDC country-specific medical guidelines. We will provide information about potential health risks, required and recommended immunizations, U.S. State Department Advisories for the area of travel, consulate information and general information for the countries of travel.

We have many tools and resources to help the professional, business or casual traveler. To get the most out of our services, we recommend that you schedule your visit six to eight weeks prior to your departure date.

Portneuf WorkMed Clinic continues to be a comprehensive occupational medicine clinic located at 500 S. 11th Street Suite 500 in Pocatello. Our team specializes in injury and illness care. We are dedicated to promoting optimal health and safety of workers, workplaces and work environment; we can schedule a time to come to safety meetings at the workplace and educate to lower the risk of injuries.