At Portneuf Cancer Center, all of the staff is here to partner with you and your caregivers through your treatments and beyond. Along with the Cancer Center physicians, nurses, and therapists, we
have a strong support staff to assist you and your family with problems, questions, or concerns.

If your diagnosis warrants a consultation with a medical oncologist, you will see either Dr. Michael Francisco or Dr. David Ririe. For more information on these professionals, click here.

These physicians specialize in the diagnosis, management and surveillance of hematological disorders, cancers of the blood or lymph system and solid tumors. Should chemotherapy be recommended for your treatment, our staff includes certified oncology nurses that have more than 35 years of combined experience delivering this care.

If your diagnosis warrants a consultation with a radiation oncologist, you will see Dr. Michael Callaghan. As you will read in his biography, he is committed to providing quality cancer care to the people in his community. Should radiation therapy be recommended as part of your treatment, Dr. Callaghan, Dr. McAllister and/or Dr. Todd and their team of radiation therapists, dosimetrist and physicist will use their extensive training and state of the art equipment for your care.

In some cases, our clinic has the ability to schedule combined appointments with both a medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. This is a unique option not available to many patients nationwide, but you can find it here in Pocatello. Should you have any questions or concerns during your course of treatment, please do not hesitate to alert any of the Cancer Center staff. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

We also welcome your suggestions for improving our patient care.
Best Regards,
Physicians & Staff,
Portneuf Cancer Center