Financial Support Services

We are here to help you navigate the financial side of cancer.

calculator and financial documentMany patients have insurance coverage and we can provide help in understanding the benefits of individual policies. Cancer treatment can be costly. It is always in a patient’s best interest to understand what their responsibility will be concerning the cost of treatment.We can help explain co-pays, deductibles, and the maximum out of pocket associated with insurance policies. This can also help determine other resources for which a patient may be eligibleto access.

It is best to address financial concerns early. If a patient does not have insurance coverage, we can advise of other forms of assistance that may help cover the costs of treatment. There are government programs as well as lost cost insurance plans available through the insurance exchange, Medicaid and Medicare.

Portneuf Medical Center has trained professionals that will help to determine your best option.We arehere to help develop a plan to manage costs so patients can get on with life.