Caring for Our Community

Healthwest Family Medicine is the home of the Idaho State University Department of Family Medicine where the next generation of family doctors and many other health care providers receive training.

The clinic has a fully implemented electronic medical record system and is in the forefront of innovation in health care delivery and quality. The clinic staff takes pride in providing high quality clinical services to all ages and populations. We have a diverse group of providers that include MDs, DOs, Doctors of Pharmacology, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychology and dietetics. Several of our providers speak Spanish.

We accept all third party payers including Medicare and Medicaid.


Services available in the clinic include care for pregnancies, pharmacy services, clinical research, psychological counselling, HIV care and general care for children and adults.

Unyielding Hospital Partnership

The Family Medicine Residency Program, established in 1992 as part of ISU College of Health Professions, has played a vital role in the region and has been instrumental in the recruitment of talented primary care physicians. In fact, since its inception, 55-60 percent of graduates have opened practices in the surrounding communities.

While Idaho State University is the sponsoring educational institution, Portneuf Medical Center provides unyielding administrative support. Part of Portneuf’s role includes administering the Integrated Medical Education (IMA) and Distributed Medical Education (DME) funds. Additionally, Portneuf assists in integrating the residents into the hospital and local settings. As such, residents have the same authority, privileges and patient care responsibilities as attending physicians and are treated with equal respect by the hospital personnel.

Regarding quality and excellence in family practice training, Portneuf considers the ISU Family Medicine Residency Program to be a leader in patient care and education. The emphasis on individual development yields both confident and astute clinicians. A high percentage of residents focus on long-term relationships and subsequently, upon graduation, the talented and well-trained physicians continue to be a vital part of our vibrant and healthy regional system of care; and they continue to maintain a strong affiliation with Portneuf and our community.