Concussion Program

Portneuf Medical Center is proud to partner with the Center for Sports Concussion at Idaho State University in an effort to provide the most comprehensive concussion education and management for athletes of all ages throughout Eastern Idaho.

The purpose of the Center for Sports Concussion is three-fold:

  1. to offer educational outreach on concussion identification and management practices to medical providers, sport administrators, coaches, athletes and parent groups throughout Idaho in accordance with Idaho law and demonstrated need
  2. to facilitate baseline and post-concussion neurocognitive testing  to athletes participating in sports programs throughout Eastern Idaho, and
  3. to continue the pursuit of research opportunities in the area of concussion identification and management with the goal of advancing the public’s knowledge-base on the issues related to sport-related concussion and the adolescent athlete.

Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute and the Center for Sports Concussion offer free baseline and post-concussion assessment to athletes throughout the region.  We also provide the most comprehensive care of those athletes who do get concussed.

For More Information & Testing

Dr. Caroline Faure or Brent Faure, MS; ATC