We care for you even before your surgery

Planning for surgery can be a confusing and stressful time; we want your procedure at Portneuf to be as comfortable, safe, and effective as possible. To make sure you are prepared and healthy for surgery, patients are scheduled with Portneuf’s Pre Anesthesia Testing Clinic before their scheduled surgery. If you are to be seen at the Pre Anesthesia Testing Clinic, we will call you to set a time to meet with us. Appointments are scheduled up to two weeks prior to surgery to ensure that we have completed the necessary pre-surgery tests and completed all the pre-surgery documentation.

For your convenience, our Pre Anesthesia Testing Clinic is located on the ground floor right inside the main entrance of the hospital. Please check in at the information desk at the main entrance. If you have questions, please call our Pre Anesthesia Testing Clinic at 208-239-1029.

Younger, healthier patients with fewer existing medical conditions may be registered and screened over the phone by a nurse from our clinic. Expect a call a week or two prior to your surgery to update medical history.

If you were seen by a primary care doctor or cardiologist for clearance before your surgery you may be asked to provide the letter of consultation from your internal medicine physician or cardiologist. This report can be faxed to the Portneuf Pre Anesthesia Testing Clinic at 208-239-3771.

  • If you’re being seen by us in the Pre Anesthesia Testing Clinic, we will do all lab work and EKGs for your surgery.
  • EKGs will be required if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, are a smoker, or are over a certain age. If you’ve had a recent EKG within three months of your surgery date, we may be able to use it for your surgery.
  • Female patients ages 8-65 who have not had a hysterectomy will be required to have a pregnancy test prior to any surgery. Please be advised the morning of surgery we will need a urine sample to do this testing.

Portneuf Pre- Surgery Clinic

Portneuf Medical Center
777 Hospital Way, Inside Main Entrance
Pocatello, ID 83201
208-239-3771 fax