Orthopedic Surgery

Portneuf Total Joint Center

Our Center was specially designed to provide you, the patient, with the best orthopedic care in Southeast Idaho. The total joint center offers a comprehensive approach to the care of patients undergoing knee, hip or shoulder surgery. Our medical/surgical certified nurses, combined with an accomplished team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons and knowledgeable case managers are dedicated to helping you recuperate as quickly and safely as you can.

Total Joint School

For those undergoing joint replacement, we offer a pre-hospital educational course designed specifically to guide and prepare you and your family through the transitions including pre-operative education, surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation and your return home. This is a unique pre-admissions experience for our total joint replacement patients. We focus on sharing all the important information about your care and your stay. We invite and encourage our patients to ask questions so you feel confident, comfortable and prepared every step of the way.

Concierge Care

As guest on the Total Joint Floor, you have access to a number of complimentary services. We even offer a specialty menu filled with many delightful options including, but not limited to, salmon, pork medallions and steak cooked to your liking along with amenities and multidisciplinary care. Patient guidebooks are provided to each of our patients for their respective surgeries.