Makenzi Gwinn, Au.D, CCC-A, F-AAA

May 16th, 2018

Communication and hearing disorders are among the most common disabilities in children nationwide. According to the American–Speech-Language-Hearing Association 1 in 12 children ages 3-17 have a disorder related to voice, speech and language or swallowing. Additionally, 15% of children between the ages of 6-19 have some degree of hearing loss.

Children with even a slight hearing loss have much more difficulty than children who have normal hearing in speech and language development. The earlier children with hearing loss and/or a speech and language delay start getting services, the more likely they are to reach their full potential.

Portneuf Ear, Nose, and Throat in conjunction with Portneuf Speech Therapy are celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month during the month of May. To serve our community, the Portneuf team is offering free speech, language and hearing screenings on Friday, May 18, 2018 from 12noon to 5pm in the Conference Center at Portneuf Medical Center. On the 18th, walk-ins are welcome. For more information, contact Portneuf Therapy Center (208) 239-1490 or Portneuf Ear Nose and Throat (208)-239-1960.

While May 18th is set aside specifically for walk-in free screenings, Portneuf Medical Center’s therapy services will be offering free speech, language, voice, and hearing screenings for the Southeastern Idaho community May. Additionally, Portneuf Ear Nose and Throat clinic is offering free hearing screenings. We can do hearing screenings on individuals 6 months of age and older as well as voice, speech and language testing on individuals 12 months of age and older. Testing during the month, with the exception of the 18th, is by appointment only, please call 208-239-1490 or 208-239-1960 to schedule.

Communication disorders are often treatable, yet all too often, we find parents are waiting longer than one would typically recommend to bring their child in for an evaluation. Delaying treatment means children may miss a critical developmental window where they acquire a majority of their foundational speech and language skills, which occurs between birth and 3 years of age. The skills achieved during this time lay the groundwork for later success with reading and writing, academics, social interactions, career options and much more. If you have any concerns about your child’s ability to hear, speak, or understand, our team of trained professionals in speech therapy services and audiology can help! We use a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to determine the best treatment plan for your child.

Makenzi Gwinn, Au.D, CCC-A, F-AAA is fully certified and licensed in Idaho as a Clinical Audiologist, is certified by the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. She is presently taking new patients.