Portneuf Health Partners

August 14th, 2017

Total Eclipse - PHP - enjoy and be safe facebook postWith the much anticipated solar eclipse just a week away, we have been preparing our hospital and staff in an effort to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of visitors projected to pass through our area. The focus of preparation has been on staffing, communication and resources; and we certainly want to acknowledge and thank all the members of the Portneuf team who have served on local and regional committees.

To help our staff, their families and all our friends and neighbors prepare, here are a few suggestions:

  • Have medications refilled prior to Eclipse weekend (Thursday – Tuesday)
  • Have adequate food on hand
  • Vehicles are fueled up beforehand
  • Have cash on-hand as ATM’s may be exhausted

And, for those going to the path of totality:

  • Plan extra travel time due to heavy traffic congestion
  • Take plenty of water for the drive and possible delays
  • Take medications for the whole day
  • Pack food or snacks
  • Prevent wild fires in off-road areas
  • Don’t rely on cell phones
  • Have a basic first aid kit
  • Wear appropriate eye protection

“We want it to be a good experience for everybody,” said Todd Blackinton, Director of Marketing. “While we cannot control what comes to our hospital, we can control how we prepare for the influx of people.”