Brake for Breakfast Celebrates Fifteen Years

Ladies, it is time to mark your calendars and get ready to start your engines! Breast Cancer Awareness is nearly here and the team at Portneuf Medical Center is thrilled to participate and celebrate their 15th anniversary of Brake for Breakfast. This fun, free, drive-through event will begin at 7am on Wednesday, October 1, 2014. Breakfast, information and goodies will be available until around 10am. Apart from skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. In fact, every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Routine mammograms are a very effective, highly accurate diagnostic tool for locating and diagnosing abnormal breast tissue. While there is still no cure for breast cancer, monthly breast exams and yearly mammograms aid in early diagnosis. When detected early, survival rates increase and in the early stages, there are more treatment options. While the annual Brake for Breakfast event is both fun and free, the event organizers want to stress that the goal of Brake for Breakfast is to remind women to perform monthly self-breast exams, to schedule routine clinical breast exams and to get a yearly mammogram after you pass into the fabulous forties or earlier if you are in a high risk category. Remember, family history is one important risk factor, but many women diagnosed with breast cancer are often the first in their families to be diagnosed. In addition, we encourage all attendees to tell their mothers, sisters and daughters to take care of their breast health and schedule recommended exams and screenings. We know that women are busy and taking care of their health can sometimes get lost near the bottom of their "To Do" lists. The whole Brake for Breakfast event is designed specifically for today’s busy, working, on the go mothers, daughters, sisters and girlfriends. On your way to work, school or other morning activity, drive through and pick up breakfast at the Breakfast Junction located on the Portneuf campus just off Hospital Way in Pocatello. Continue on through Information Way where the latest information on the fight against breast cancer will be shared by terrific volunteers and then finish off at Pink Place to receive a special gift. Caring for your daily health should be part of your routine – just like breakfast! Staffed with caring professionals, Portneuf offers complete services for breast health. Our team of experts uses digital mammography and other sophisticated imaging technology to detect cancer in its very earliest stages. With our unique team structure, we can deliver results and make a diagnosis faster, so there is less uncertainty, less waiting. Early detection means more time. And more time is more life. Peace of mind and early detection are just a phone call away.