Community Impact

Portneuf Health Partners - Part of Our Community

Being a leader in a community does not come by simply providing a valuable service. Leaders are difference makers and we, at Portneuf, know that providing state of the art healthcare is only one facet of our role in the community. Portneuf Health gives back in many different ways.

Charity We have an ongoing commitment to provide grants and sponsorships to various organizations in the communities we serve. Apart from the valuable hours our administration, staff and physicians give to non-profit organizations, schools, community events and health clinics.

Portneuf Health Trust Since 2009, Portneuf Health Trust has invested millions into community projects that contribute to the wellness and quality of life of the entire region. The largest investment to date includes the Portneuf Wellness Complex which opened in the fall of 2015.

Educational Opportunities Portneuf provides many valuable and free educational opportunities to community members through programs such as educational seminars, support groups, first aid clinics, health screenings and self-help programs. We are proud of our commitment to the community’s health, and we encourage and support all members of the community to stay healthy and be well.

Economy As a member of the community, we have a vested interest in the overall economy. In 2012, $3,554,441, in non-taxable income went to the general fund to support local schools and the community. Salaries and benefits, in the neighborhood of $123 million, circulate through our local economy and we invested over $9 million dollars in the latest software, hardware, and capital equipment to insure your facility remains state of the art and on the cutting edge of healthcare.

Outreach Each year, PMC lab services reach thousands of people. Our mobile mammography van annually provides mammography screenings to thousands of women in rural communities. We offer free or low-cost health screenings including blood pressure, cholesterol, heart-risk and sports injury. In addition, we recognize that ongoing support for patients and their families is essential to their well-being and recovery. Support groups for individuals concerned about weight management, joint surgery, and cancer are facilitated by hospital staff and community members.

Beyond Our Doors Members of the Portneuf staff are part of the community as friends, neighbors and family members. A significant percentage of our staff members volunteer their time and talents throughout our service area. Individually and collectively, we provide support to not-for-profit organizations, community events, and health clinics. A number of staff members spend time coaching city recreational basketball, soccer, and baseball. We sit on boards and actively participate in fundraising events. Portneuf Health Partners continue to find new and meaningful ways to extend our reach and improve the health and quality of life for all those in our community.