Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Our focus at the Portneuf Therapy Center remains on pediatric development in Physical Therapy, PT; Occupational Therapy, OT; and Speech Therapy. We understand that children are not adults: kids use play for development. Therapy at our clinic is fun, engaging, progressive and individually tailored to fit each child’s specific and unique needs.

Physical Therapy (PT):

Our physical therapist works with infants, children, and their families to participate in exploring their world. We are movement specialists at all levels: from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit through adolescence, into early adulthood. We aid children of all capability levels to use movement, stability, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination to learn and explore. Portneuf’s PT’s also provide expert recommendations and training for mobility devices, casting/splinting/orthotics, medical equipment, home exercise programs, progression of gross motor skills and more

Occupational Therapy (OT):

Our Occupational therapists provide adult and pediatric services for fine motor skills, dressing, self-help, upper body strengthening and improving hand use, sensory issues, problem solving skills, adaptive equipment needs, among other areas related to daily living skills.

Speech Therapy:

Our speech therapists provide adult and pediatric services for language and articulation impairments, voice and fluency disorders, phonological processes, hearing impairments, cochlear implants, auditory memory and processing, feeding deficits. If you have any concerns, questions or referrals, please do not hesitate to contact us at 208-239-1490. We look forward to the continued care of children and their families.

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