Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Inpatient Behavioral Health Services

Portneuf Behavioral Health is dedicated to compassionate and confidential treatment of all patients. Finding a balance between mental health and physical well-being is what we all strive for. The goal is to help patients find that sense of balance and, in working together, we seek to enhance quality of life. Additionally, our team is dedicated to the de-stigmatization of mental illness through education, outreach and excellence in clinical care.

To best care for mental health needs in our community, we offer professional Emergent & Inpatient Care.

Emergency Care is offered 24 hours a day in our Emergency Department.

Inpatient Adult Care provides comprehensive behavioral health care for adults aged 18 and older who are faced with the challenges of psychiatric and behavioral health problems. Care is delivered in our licensed hospital setting and provides clinical intervention for acute psychiatric diagnoses. Inpatient services require admittance to the hospital where patients receive a higher level of continuous care. Our Adult Inpatient Program is a 19 bed facility with private rooms.

Inpatient Care for Individuals under 18 Years of age is not provided at Portneuf Medical Center. Support for this service can be offered through our Emergency Department, through disposition to another facility.

The level of care necessary for a patient should be determined by a qualified medical or counseling professional.

In the case of a Mental Health Emergency call 9-1-1.

For Non-emergent Support

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline provides crisis intervention, emotional support, problem solving, and referrals to local resources for persons at risk for suicide and for those concerned about them.

Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255


Emergency Behavioral Health Services

A Mental Health Emergency is a life threatening situation in which an individual is imminently threatening harm to self or others. They may be disoriented, distraught, agitated and/or out of control.

In the case of a Mental Health Emergency call 9-1-1.

Examples of a Mental Health Emergency may include:

  • Acting on a suicide threat
  • Threatening or homicidal behavior
  • Self-injury that requires immediate medical attention
  • Impairment due to alcohol or other substance
  • Highly erratic or unusual behavior that may be indicative of unpredictable actions or an inability to care for oneself
  • Distraught, out of control and/or severely unable to function

When an individual is experiencing a severe emotional crisis characterized by suicidal or homicidal behavior, it is often unlikely they will allow someone to transport them to the emergency department. In these situations, it is important to call emergency services (9-1-1) and report that someone is in danger of attempting suicide or has already engaged in life threatening behavior(s). Emergency service personnel are highly trained to assess the situation, respond appropriately and act accordingly based on the severity of the situation.

Area Law Enforcement are trained in working with behavioral health crisis, and may be part of a response team. Law Enforcement has the authority to place someone in “Protective Custody” and transport them to an Emergency Department for further evaluation.

At Portneuf Medical Center’s Emergency Department, patients with behavioral health issues are assessed by the Attending Physician, Emergency Nurses and a member of the Behavioral Health Assessment Team (BHAT). BHAT is a Social Worker/Counselor experienced in acute mental health issues and area resources. BHAT works with the Emergency Department Team to assess the patient and support appropriate disposition, which can include hospitalization. In addition to a mental health assessment, the Emergency Department will assess the patient’s physical health to see if any physical issues may be influencing mental health symptoms.

For more information on involuntary admission to mental health care, please review Idaho’s commitment law.

Inpatient Services

Our behavioral health team includes licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, behavioral health technicians, therapists, medical physicians and nurses.

The Portneuf Behavioral Health Inpatient psychiatric program is designed to return patients to their optimal level of functioning through an intensive, structured, physician-supervised program. It is an acute, short-term program for adults in need of a secure, therapeutic environment 24-hour a day. Only a Psychiatrist with affiliated practice privileges at Portneuf Medical Center can admit patients to the Behavioral Health Unit.

Patients admitted to the inpatient service have an acute primary psychiatric diagnosis whose symptoms meet with admission criteria of potential harm to self, potential harm to other, or the symptoms are creating grave disability to the patient. These symptoms may include one or more of the following:

  • Suicidal behavior and/or threats
  • Assaultive behavior
  • Self-injurious behavior
  • Sleep or eating disturbances
  • Severe agitation
  • Medication complications
  • Acute psychiatric disorder
  • Paranoid behavior
  • Mood swings
  • Psychosis
  • Acute depressive episode
  • Severely dysfunctional patterns of behavior

Inpatient Specialized Care

We provide a full schedule of specialized care and treatment.
See a sample daily schedule.

The inpatient program includes:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Group & Individual Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Counselling & Testing
  • Psychiatric and physical assessment
  • 24-hour nursing and medical support
  • Medical management and education
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Family education and support
  • Recreational and/or occupational therapy
  • Discharge Plan
  • Referral for follow-up services

For additional information on potential admission to the Inpatient Behavioral Health Services contact the Nurses Station at (208) 239–2571.

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