IV Therapy

Benefits of a Hospital IV Clinic

Patients and their physicians can take comfort knowing that therapy is delivered in the security of a hospital environment. We use smart pumps to ensure precise dosage delivery and many of our medications are developed by our expert team of pharmacists on-site.

Additionally, our outpatient IV clinic is backed by a DNV accredited hospital and a CAP accredited laboratory. Patients can relax during their infusion in our tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Also for patient comfort, we have provided recliners, access to a large screen TV with cable, and free WIFI.

About Our Team

  • We Have 311 year of Nursing experience in infusions and vascular access
  • PICC placement at the bedside using ultrasound guidance and 3CG technology/no CXR required
  • Office infusion hours 0700-1900
  • 24/7 Vascular Access Team with 4 Vascular Access-Board Certified nurses
  • Variety medication administration: antibiotics, biologics, immunoglobulin therapy, blood transfusions, therapeutic phlebotomy, injections, central line care, ACTH stimulation testing, hydration therapy, iron therapy, and steroid therapy.
  • Ultrasound guided vascular access for difficult sticks for venipuncture/labs and PIV; PICC line placement at bedside with high tech tools since 2007.


Referal Information for Providers

Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization must be in place prior to scheudling an appointment with our Portneuf IV therapy team.

Tip for Referring Providers:

  • Know your codes: services to be performed; medications ordered, and diagnosis.
  • Contact Patient's Insurance either by phone or check their website to see if a prior authorization is necessary.
  • If you are told no authorization is needed: note the name of the person you are speaking with, ask for reference number for the call and note the date and time of the conversation.
  • If Prior Authorization is needed and treatment is urgent, please use the insurance company’s fastest method for approval.
  • Never begin treatment without a Prior Authorization as most insurances do not retroauthorize services.

Please include the following information upon referral:

  • Patient name
  • Doctor name
  • Diagnosis related to the specific treatment ordered
  • Lab values and parameters if needed
  • Current patient demographics sheet
  • Supporting documentation to support requested treatment
  • Appointments preferred; contact IV Therapy to schedule before sending patient

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