Portneuf Sports Medicine Institute

Portneuf Medical Center’s Outreach Sports Medicine Institute has been in existence since 1988. Operating out of a 32-foot trailer that has been modified into a portable athletic training facility, the sports medicine program caters to the medical needs of amateur athletes at sporting events throughout Eastern Idaho.

All sports medicine services, including injury evaluation and consultation, taping and bracing, hot and cold therapy, electronic muscle stimulation, ultrasound, assisted stretching, massage, and advanced first aid are available to athletes at no charge.

To cover a sporting event well, while not incurring costs to the athletes or event organizers, it takes an entire team of medical professionals willing to donate their time and expertise. In most cases, our team of Certified Athletic Trainers can deal with the injuries that occur. In cases of more serious injuries, the athletic trainers are connected with numerous physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and other emergency services personnel to ensure injured athletes are referred to the best care possible.

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