Portneuf Health Partners

January 15th, 2019

Cutting the Ribbon to new 3D Mammography Coach









Pocatello, ID – Portneuf has been providing mobile mammography since 1994. At that time, the team traveled by van to 4 rural hospitals. By 2000, our outreach service extended to 14 sites from Challis to Montpelier. By 2005, we were the 1st digital Mammography in the State of Idaho, and the 2nd in the USA on a coach.

As the outreach area grew, so did the size of the vehicle.  In 2002, Portneuf invested in a mobile coach and that coach has been in operation for the last 18 years.

“As the coach aged, there was much conversation about what may be the next step,” said Dan Ordyna, Portneuf CEO. “Thanks to Portneuf Health Trust and some wonderful doctors, who recognized and saw the coach as an asset, they stepped up and partnered with us so that the communities we serve would have access to state of the art equipment. The new coach has 3D.”

We often hear from women who say they would not get the recommended screenings if the coach was not in their communities.

“100,000! That’s how many women who have had a mammogram on this mobile service in the past twenty-four years,” said Shaun Menchaca, President & CEO Portneuf Health Trust. “That’s a big deal. Thanks to the imaging staff and to the team for their service. This had to be one of the easiest expenditures I have been involved with and we all agreed that it was vital to continue this service.”

The new mobile coach now has 3D mammography; this technology is capable of detecting cancers up to 5 years earlier and can subsequently help save countless lives.

“Our new coach allows for many more wives, mothers, sisters and friends who schedule an appointment in one of our 45 sites to get the preventative screening they need,” said Menchacha. “For us to provide this service to rural communities is a privilege and we look forward to continued growth.”

The team cares for patients year after year. When women adhere to a screening program that it is right for them, cancer can often be identified in the early stages when it is most treatable. At present, the coach operates with five technologist and one full time driver.

“It is exciting to celebrate the next milestone in bringing lifesaving screenings to the people of southeastern Idaho,” said Todd Blackinton, Portneuf Director of Marketing.

If your business would like to know if you can scheduled the coach to come to your business, please visit Portneuf.org/MobileMammo for more information.


Note: Portneuf Medical Center is a regional referral hospital for southern and eastern Idaho and western Wyoming. From our Cancer Center and Level II NICU to our cardiology care and Level II Trauma Center, our dedicated doctors, nurses and staff stand ready to help families in the region.