Reviews for Gabriela C Anghel, MD


I feel very lucky to have Dr. Anghel for my primary care Dr. She is kind, caring and I trust her with my health concerns. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Dr.

   — Gloria McCaskill


Dr. Anghel is a great doctor. She is knowledgeable and friendly, providing a high level of quality care. She takes the time to listen to patient concerns and responds with thoughtful answers. When offering medical options to health concerns, she gives detailed information, as well as reasoning for chosen pathways of patient care. Her support staff of nurses and front desk assistants are very friendly and helpful with appointment scheduling, billing/insurance and referral needs. I highly recommend this office.

   — Lara Triplett


really excellent. Dr Anghel is super efficient and goes out of her to make sure I am reporting on everything we have talked about. She is extremely patient and makes me feel like what is troubling me is important.

   — Kathleen C Parrish


She's terrific, and has a great RN assistant (Tricia). Very thorough. Very perceptive. Both my wife and I feel we always have their full attention, and are NOT rushed through visits. Pleased that they work hard to work me in quickly. If they don't know, they are happy to refer me out for competent second opinion.

   — E Roberts


Already recommend her to a friend. She was oh so pleased with her Initial visit. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Anghel as an Internal Medicine Dr. In Pocatello. Our whole family is pleased with her excellent care.

   — LI


I appreciate having Dr. Anghel for my primary care doctor. She lets me explain my problems and listens to me. She is very nice, friendly and a good doctor.

   — Gloria McCaskill


All went well. I am impressed with Dr. Anghel

   — Dennis D Moore


As always, the level of care she provided was excellent. She took her time and actually listened to me. The COVID-19 precautions were very good. Further, there was virtually no waiting - I signed in quickly, barely sat down before they called me back, and the doctor came in within a minute. The lab techs in her office did a blood draw the next day and again there was no wait and the blood draw was painless. I would highly recommend her.

   — KRP


she is the best dr. i have found in the area . she also helped me with a infectious desese problem. she is wonderful, sweet and kind

   — Shirley Woodhouse


Dr. Anghel is an exceptional excellent Dr. My whole family appreciates her. Have recommended her to a friend and she was so pleased that she has recommended Dr. Angel to others. I am so fortunate so have her as my Internal Medicine Dr.

   — LI


Such an amazing Dr. I've been having abdominal pain for over a year and have been terrified that ct scans weren't picking up cancer spread to my liver. I have stage 4 breast cancer in my bones. She only had to look at my most recent scan to see that it was simply constipation! Embarrassing, yes, but she prescribed some medication and after 1 week my pain is GONE. She also referred me to an opthalmologist. She really provides full care even though I went in because I needed to see someone who specializes in type 2 diabetes. Of course she was excellent with that as well. Dr. Anghel spent so much time with me and answered all of my questions. She is incredibly intelligent and knows what she's doing. I'm so grateful that my oncologist's PA added her to my team of specialists.

   — Alia McHugh


Dr Anghel and her staff are the best! I have been to many doctors trying to figure out my health issues and she has been the only one that actually sits and listens and then uses all the tools at her disposal to help you out. My health and life have been much better over the past year and a half. I would highly recommend her, especially if you are at a standstill with another doctor.

   — Pocatello, ID


Dr. Angel had been an exceptional doctor for me. She takes her time with you as a patient, conscientious of what you are saying. I definitely give her five stars! She is helping me to get well ... what a blessing she is to me and others in our community.

   — C. S.

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