Reviews for Richard A Wathne, MD


Good doctor, attentive and does an excellent job

   — Yolanda Marquez


Consult with Dr. W. regarding possible hip surgery. Felt comfortable with him and his knowledge.

   — Joan Briney


I walked into Dr Wathne‘s office on my last doctors appointment and gave him a high five with my right arm. Well at least as high as it would go. It’s been five months since Dr. Wathne did my rotator cuff surgery and every week it gets better. I am a mountain hiker/climber and triathlete. My shoulder is pretty important. Dr. Whatne did a great job. I would recommend Dr. Whatne if you need this surgery. He is kind, explains what is happening and he has a wonderful staff. Thanks Dr. Whatne for taking great care of me.

   — Alice Schenk


I saw Dr. Wathne for chronic shoulder pain a little over a year ago. I had tried over the counter and herbal anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, ultrasound, prolozone injections, acupuncture, and light therapy. I called his office and the staff was eager to help me and got me in right away for an evaluation. I had a thorough evaluation with imaging right there in his office. After discussing the results and treatment options, he did an injection into my shoulder and I have not had any issues since that day. I have never gone to another clinic where the service was impeccable and the treatment was in the same day. I felt heard, supported, and cared for by Dr. Wathne and all of the staff members from the phone call to checking out. Thank you and I appreciate you all!

   — Shelby Stoddard


I am an avid tennis player and visit IdahoOrtho several times for several minor issues (elbow, knee, etc.). I finally injured by right shoulder badly and saw his PA who then told me I needed to see Dr. Wathne and perhaps need a surgery. I visited with Dr. Wathne who gave me a very thorough diagnose and options on how we should proceed. We did an MRI which led to a shoulder surgery. A surgery went well. I was well taken care of before and after surgery. I had several follow up with Dr. Wathe and his PA. My recovery went really well and I was back playing tennis after 3 months and still is going strong a few years later. Thank you to Dr. Wathne and his team.

   — Tor Lynn


I did a flying superman over my dirt bike handle bars. "CRUNCH" I knew it was bad; maybe just cartilage separation. NOPE! My collar was broken in 4-5 different places. Every time I moved my arm - agonizing, grating, horrible pain. How was I going to navigate life? So, I went to see Dr Wathne. I'm cautious when it comes to medical interventions - surgery or Rx - I try to do everything natural - but my collar bone was painful. Dr Wathne examined my collar bone and reviewed the x-rays. Next day he had me scheduled for surgery. He knit my collar bone back together with a plate an 6-7 screws. Not only did my body regain a sense of control but the pain was gone. That was 10 months ago and my collar bone/shoulder is doing amazing. I had an incredible experience. I felt I had a skilled surgeon and healer. He really cared about me as a patient. Great surgery; fantastic follow up. I highly recommend. Great guy.

   — Jason West


I received excellent care before, during, and after my two knee replacements. I was concerned that I would have trouble resuming my active life style, and it's been so easy to get back to skiing, tennis, and gardening. Dr. Wathne and his staff treated me so well! I've recommended him to many of my friends and family. I felt well cared for during the whole process.

   — Susan


Great doctor. He explained my shoulder issue so well. He is kind and caring doctor.

   — Connie Ugaki


Couldn’t be happier with the excellent care I received from Dr Wahtne, Boe Simmons, and all the office staff —especially Jamie. Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful during my visits. We are so fortunate to have such a highly skilled surgeon in our community that is dedicated to restoring the quality of life for so many of us in Southeast Idaho. If you are having an orthopedic concern, get an appointment with this outstanding team today!

   — Leslie Hendricks


Had an awesome experience with Dr. Wathne. I had a bum knee for a few years and now it feels brand new! Each visit was very timely and effective. Would highly recommend he and his staff for any ortho needs!

   — Jarom Campos


Dr. Wathne and his team are very knowledgeable. I was seen for a knee injury and was treated very well and they seemed to have a general concern for the well being of their patients.

   — AC


Dr. Wathne did right knee 9 years ago...left knee July 1 2019. excellent surgeon with a fun personality. Boe Simmons handled all of the visits very well, a real asset to the team.

   — Jennie Sue Gutierrez


My visit was for an evaluation of my Baker’s cyst injury by Dr. Wathne’s PA Justin Pool. Not only did Justin properly evaluate the situation, but because of his exquisite training under Dr. Wathne’s program, Justin was able to drain my cysts and inject the proper medication in hopes of it not returning. What a high class operation. Because of professional staff in the front office, radiology, medical assisting and a talented physician’s assistance I was able to complete my treatment in a timely professional manner. Maybe I can meet Dr Wathne next time. Great system.

   — DC


Wonderful surgeon great bedside manner only go to him if I need an orthopedic

   — Charleena Anderson


Rich is a great physician and a great person. He helped get my knee back to great working order without surgery.

   — Shaun Menchaca


Dr Wathne knows his stuff. I have always been treated well and recommended the right treatment for any knee issues I've had.

   — AJ DeCato


He said he couldn't guarantee that repairing my trashed rotator cuff would work and recommended a shoulder replacement. I decided to try the repair anyway. He did the job, it worked and is still working perfectly 4 years later. Let's hear it for OEM parts! Followup was great, too.

   — Jon De Conquer

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