Reviews for Robert L Cach, MD


I consider him to be nothing short of a miracle worker. He performed laminectomy/discectomy surgery on me 20 or more years ago. The shooting pains down my right leg were immediately relieved. I'm still going strong, today! Amazing talent!!

   — Bruce Wright


Excellent help from all the staff.

   — Frank Farnsworth


The staff and Dr. Cach were most accommodating . There are pending matters that have to take place and then I look forward to scheduling surgery .



I was taken to the ER with unbearable back pain (I had been getting progressively worse) and Dr. Cach performed surgery the next day. I am pain free and very grateful for his skill in the OR. In addition to a positive outcome, his PA Chris and nurse Laura were awesome. His office offered to help when I had difficulties with my insurance. Professionals on every level!

   — Joe Morris

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