Free Seminar on Colon Cancer Awareness

Medically reviewed by: Judith Csanky, MD Approximately 140,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer in the U.S. and over 50,000 people die from it annually. It is the third most common cancer in the United States and the second leading cause of death from cancer. However, colorectal cancer is different than most cancers – it’s largely preventable and beatable. Symptoms of colorectal cancer are numerous and nonspecific. While usually characterized by a change in bowel habits, such as diarrhea, constipation, or narrowing of the stool that lasts for more than a few days; some other symptoms include red or dark blood in stools, abdominal pain or bloating. The number one way to detect colon cancer is through screening, namely a colonoscopy. Of course, the greatest barrier to long-term colon health is the social unease when it comes to sharing information about your bowels. Despite the prevalence of colorectal cancers, many individuals opt to not discuss their bowel habits during wellness visits or choose not to make a call if they have a concern. If you or a loved one would like more information about colon cancer, please join Judith Csanky, MD for a special seminar. Topics will include screenings, risk factors, symptoms, lifestyle changes, diagnosis, as well as treatment options. This free community seminar will be held in the Pebble Creek Conference Room at the Portneuf Medical Center on Wed, March 21, 2018. Doors open at 6:00 pm; the presentation begins at 6:30 pm. Light refreshments will be served. To reserve a seat, visit or call 208-239-2033. To learn more about Portneuf’s upcoming seminars be sure to like Portneuf Medical Center on Facebook. To find out more about routine screenings, visit Together you and your care provider can outline a plan that is unique to you and your specific needs.