Holiday Guests: Keep Them Healthy and Happy

The holiday season is often accompanied by lots of holiday guests. And while we all desire to keep our guests merry and comfortable – making sure you are keeping your guests healthy should be a top priority.

There are several things you can do to promote healthy habits and create a safe environment for all your house guests. Follow these tips and you’ll have each room guest-ready!


Better-Than-Hotel Guestroom

Hotels are fun because they have little details that make guests  feel comfortable. You can provide the same level of attention without high thread count sheets or chocolates on pillows (although that wouldn’t hurt). Here are a few simple touches that can make your guest room just as comfy as any hotel.

Sleep is important for overall health, but it can be hard to come by when travelling. Try creating a sleep haven by suppling extra blankets of different weights, plus extra pillows (synthetic down if your guest has allergies). Hang light-blocking curtains and consider both eye masks and ear plugs if you live in an environment that is different from what your guests are used to.

Keep water and cups in their room. Leave a pitcher and forgo the one-use plastic bottles. This way guests can stay plenty hydrated. Plus, they do not have to move around in an unfamiliar house at night to try and find water.

Bathroom Perfection

Make your bathroom a mecca of cleanliness and your guests will thank you (at least silently).

Stock up on fresh towels, toilet paper and soap. You might even want to supply a few extra supplies like floss and toothpaste.

Add some nightlights in the bathroom and perhaps even leading up to your bathroom. Guests might need to find it after dark and having a lit path will prevent falls.

Kitchen Safety Zone

During the holidays the kitchen becomes the center of activity. It is also an area that contains a lot of household dangers – from unattended knives to improperly cooked food. Focus on making your kitchen a safety zone so you and your guests can relax while preparing large holiday meals.

Keep food safety on the front of your mind. Make sure your refrigerator is cold, especially since you’ll be storing extra food and opening the door more frequently. Check all meats with a thermometer to make sure that it is cooked properly.

Minimum Cooking Temperatures:

Beef, pork, veal, lamb (ground) - 160°F

Turkey, chicken (ground) - 165°F

Beef, veal, lamb - 145°F (Rest 3 minutes)

Poultry - 165°F

Pork (including ham) - 145°F (Rest 3 minutes)

Fish with fins - 145°F (Or until flesh is opaque)

Shrimp, lobster, crab, scallops - Until flesh is pearly white

After everyone has had their fill, store food in the refrigerator no more than two hours after it has been set out.

Ask about dietary restrictions and allergies before your guests arrive. Make sure you have different serving utensils for every dish so there is no cross contamination. Stock up on healthy snacks and keep water around at all times to encourage guests to stay hydrated.

Now that every room is stocked with health and safety in mind, you are free to enjoy the company of your friends and family! Have a great holiday season and know that Portneuf Medical Center is always here for you and yours.