Mothers Milk Bank Opens Donation & Outreach Center at Portneuf

Pocatello, ID – Portneuf Medical Center opened a human milk Donation and Outreach Center today, joining the network of Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB), a Colorado-based, nonprofit program benefiting women and babies nationwide. Pocatello-area mothers with extra milk can make a difference in babies’ lives by donating their excess milk to Mothers’ Milk Bank. “We are pleased to join Mothers’ Milk Bank of Denver, Colorado and provide our community a closer location for breastmilk donation,” said Margaret Larson, RD, LD. Many premature infants within our own NICU have received and benefited from donor breastmilk and we, along with their families, greatly appreciate those mothers who choose and are able to donate.” Portneuf will safely transport the milk donations to the Denver facility where it will be pasteurized and distributed back to babies in Idaho. Today we are pleased to announce we received and will send our first donation to the Denver facility for processing, a gift of approximately 258 ounces. Women interested in giving the gift of human milk may fill out the donation screening form on MMB’s website,, or call 303.869.1888. For more information on MMB and its efforts to provide milk to babies who need it nationwide, visit or About Portneuf Medical Center Portneuf Medical Center is a regional referral hospital for southern and eastern Idaho and western Wyoming. From our Cancer Center and Level II NICU to our cardiology care and Level II Trauma Center, our dedicated doctors, nurses and staff stand ready to help families in the region. About Mothers’ Milk Bank A nonprofit program of Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, Mothers' Milk Bank (MMB) collects, processes and provides human donor milk to babies across the country. Babies who receive the milk may be premature or have severe illnesses and need human milk to thrive. MMB consistently provides more milk to NICUs than any other nonprofit milk bank in North America and adheres to the strict guidelines of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). For more information on MMB visit