Bannock Development Corporation receives investment from visionary partner, Portneuf Medical Center

Submitted on behalf of Bannock Development Corporation and Portneuf Medical Center. 

The Bannock Development Corporation (BDC) received a generous investment from its Visionary and Strategic Partner, Portneuf Medical Center (PMC).

“PMC is an important visionary partner in determining strategy and success in economic development for the Portneuf Valley,” said MiaCate Kennedy I, CEO Bannock Development Corp. “As a leader in healthcare in our area, PMC significantly impacts the health of our community and they too impact the current workforce and opportunities available throughout the region.”

PMC is an integral part of Portneuf Valley’s pursuit of wellness, excellent medical workforce, and community partner. Bannock Development Corporation is proud to have excellence and experience to help strategically plan and support our goals now and in the future with this Visionary partnership.

“On behalf of Portneuf Health, we are honored to invest in the economic development in our region,” said Jordan Herget, CEO, Portneuf Medical Center. “This contribution will undoubtedly have a profound impact on our community’s well-being. Supporting economic development and growth makes sense for our area and for our future and we are honored to be a part of such transformative initiatives.”

BDC appreciates the commitment and input, as well as the investment to continue progress on the development and growth of Portneuf Valley.

“This generous investment helps BDC to facilitate much needed area projects in economic and community development and growth” Kennedy said. “Partners who also share in vision and wellness are extremely important to the future of our community.”

Without these generous funds, BDC would not be able to implement projects and plans that enable opportunities of jobs, growth, and a healthy lifestyle.