Empowered by Bariatrics Program, Patient Feels Hope for a Better Life

For Amanda Sears, managing her weight didn’t seem to be a problem. Always the “fit, skinny girl” involved with sports, she could eat anything she wanted because her activities would keep the weight off.

However, even as a young woman, she struggled with the same thoughts that so many girls her age have: she thought she was overweight.

“It wasn’t until years later that I found out what fat really was,” Sears said.

After a bout with cancer, giving birth twice, and the death of her husband, “I let life get me down and lost who I was,” she said. “I let myself go. I didn’t care about me anymore. I would look in the mirror and wonder who that was. And yet, I did nothing about it.”

“Finally, at the beginning of this year, I decided enough was enough. I realized I was an athletic soul trapped in a fat woman’s body. I didn’t feel like myself and I realized that I needed real help.”

She eventually started going to the Portneuf Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery program and learned important lessons about obesity and weight management.

“Obesity not only makes your ordinary, daily activities harder, it can also produce other serious health issues,” said Jessica Horst, NP, nurse practitioner with Portneuf Medical Group. “Diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and many more diseases can all result from being overweight.”

The Portneuf Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery program can help you lose weight with a personalized, holistic approach to ensure your success. The program provides support and counseling from a multidisciplinary team of specialists including a nurse practitioner, registered dietician, psychologist and physical therapist. This entire team is dedicated to helping you on your journey.

Dr. Jorge de Amorim and his staff are so amazing!” Sears said. “I’ve been in program for seven months. They are some of the most amazing staff and people I have ever met. Not once did I feel judged by them. Krista and Jessica are the best cheerleaders and motivators!”

After conferring with her doctor, Sears decided to have gastric sleeve surgery, with good results. “Six weeks ago I had the surgery and I’m down 43 pounds. It’s such a motivator. Today I have hope of a better life. I wish I would have done this program a long time ago,” said Sears.

If weight loss surgery is an option for your individual situation, there are many requirements to be met before proceeding with surgery. The Portneuf Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery program can help you navigate through the many options.

“My goal in sharing my story is to let everyone out there struggling with your weight to know that you are not alone,” Sears said. “You can have your own cheer team and people who are on your side. No matter what you are going through, I want to be your cheerleader too!”

For more information on the Portneuf Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery program, visit portneufmedicalgroup.org/services/bariatric-surgery or call 208-239-2620.