Portneuf Medical Center Awards 2023-2024 Auxiliary Scholarships

Pictured left to right: Juanita Grimmett, Daniel Medel, McKenzie Mangun, Karen Ruchti

Not pictured: Kelsey Walenta


The Portneuf Medical Center Auxiliary announced the 2023-2024 scholarship recipients. Each recipient received $2,000 toward his or her tuition at Idaho State University (ISU).

This year’s scholarship recipients are Kelsey Walenta, Daniel Medel and McKenzie Mangun.

Kelsey Walenta is an anesthesia technician at PMC and a student in respiratory therapy at the College of Technology at ISU. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2024 with an Associate of Science degree. She will continue her studies to become a respiratory therapist.

Daniel Medel is currently a pharmacy technician at PMC and a nursing student at ISU. He plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in December of 2024. Daniel plans to continue his education to become a nurse practitioner and work in a rural area with migrant farm workers and their families.

McKenzie Mangun is an EKG technician at PMC. She will begin ISU’s physician assistant program in the fall of 2023. She plans to graduate in August 2025 with a Master of Physician Assistant Studies and pursue a career as a physician assistant.

The Portneuf Auxiliary continues to be very proud of last year’s recipients and congratulates them on their future endeavors and continuing medical education.

The Auxiliary is comprised of volunteers that raise funds for scholarships, local charities and other health-related events by proceeds made from the hospital’s Cloud 9 Gift Shop. The gift shop is located on the first floor of the hospital and is completely operated by volunteers.