Portneuf Primary Care Celebrating 10 Years

Portneuf Primary Care is in its 10th year of delivering high-quality, individualized care to the community in the form of annual examinations, health screenings, immunizations, the treatment of short- and long-term medical conditions, ongoing care of chronic problems, lab work and palliative care.

Over the last decade, our dedicated team of physicians has grown to meet the needs of the community. Each brings expertise and a personal investment in the education and treatment of their patients. Together they share the goal of helping patients achieve a better quality of life.

"It is an honor to commemorate the remarkable ten-year anniversary of the Portneuf Primary Care Clinic and this team of providers,” said Jordan Herget, CEO and President, Portneuf Medical Center. “This milestone highlights a decade of enhancing community health and reflects the unwavering commitment of our healthcare professionals. Please join me in thanking this team for providing exceptional patient care and for their ongoing dedication to improving the health and well-being of our community. Here's to many more years of impactful service ahead!"

Take a look at the major milestones from the last 10 years:

  • October 2013 – Yolanda Rodriguez, MD and Kim Cervantes., LPN start Primary Care Clinic at Portneuf’s Bannock Campus
  • January 2014 – Luis Fernandez, MD; Roberta Turner, NP; and Tammie Skerjanc., LPN join the clinic
  • September 2014 – Gabriela Anghel, MD joins the clinic
  • July 2019 – Kelli Christensen, MD joins the clinic
  • June 2021 – Jordan Bailey, MD and his Specialized Family Medicine practice joins Portneuf Medical Group after practicing independently in Pocatello since 2005
  • August 2021 – Steven Webster, DO joins the clinic
  • September 2022 – Portneuf Primary Care moves to the Portneuf Medical Plaza at Northgate

“It brings a strong sense of pride to look back over the years at the growth of this practice,” said Yolanda Rodriguez, MD. “From bringing on additional providers to moving into a new clinic location, our expansion has positioned us to continue our mission to help our patients achieve the best health possible.”

The best route to reaching and maintaining good health is through annual wellness visits. A common misconception is that people should only see doctors when they are sick, in pain or aging. The reality is that regardless of age or current health status, everyone from age 0-100 can benefit from seeing their primary care provider annually.

During an annual wellness visit, your provider will conduct a physical and mental assessment, review your medical history, update or renew any prescription medications, schedule age-related screenings, update vaccinations and discuss general health strategies.

Prevention and early detection are at the heart of primary care. Many primary care providers share the belief that it is easier to stay well and prevent health problems than it is to get well from a serious medical problem. Many conditions and serious diseases can be corrected or cured if they are detected early. Establishing care with a trusted provider and scheduling annual visits will allow your provider to identify changes in health that may grow into a future problem.

From your physical to mental wellbeing, primary care is a central partner on your path to good health. If you are looking for a primary care provider, Portneuf Medical Group offers two sites of care:

To schedule an appointment with Portneuf Primary Care, call 208-239-3815

To schedule an appointment with Specialized Family Medicine, call 208-269-7147