Preparing For Your Surgery

Doctor and patient discussing surgery procedures.

At Portneuf, we start preparing for your surgery well before the actual day. Our highly skilled team of physicians, nurses and surgical technologists are committed to you every step of the way.

The Day Before Surgery

  • The day before your surgery, you will receive a call from a Registered Nurse (RN).
  • Calls usually start at 2:30 pm.
  • If you have not heard from us by 4 pm the day before your surgery, please call 208-239-2946.

During this call, you will receive further instructions, including the time and location of your surgery. They will also help to answer any questions you might have.

The nurse may also take the time to:

  • Review your health history
  • Confirm that all tests ordered by physician have been complete
  • Review pre-op instructions
  • Inform you of the arrival time. This is often different from the time given at the doctor’s office.

At this time, we invite you to review our dos and don’ts of surgery article.

Do not eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery unless instructed otherwise.

If you become ill before your surgery date, please call the surgeons office as soon as possible. We may need to evaluate you and possibly reschedule your surgery.

If unforeseen circumstances make it impossible for you to keep your scheduled surgery time, it is important to contact us immediately.

Before your surgery date, you may also receive a call from our Admissions department with some of the following information:

  • Estimated costs and insurance benefits
  • Deposit, co-payment, or deductible by phone or on day of surgery
  • Advanced Directives: Review of the medical treatment you desire if you become unable to make medical decisions

The Day of Surgery

Please enter through the main entrance of the hospital. To the right of the information desk, there is an elevator with a sign for surgery. Go up to the first floor (1F) head to the left. This is where you will register for your surgery – signs read “Same Day Surgery.” After you arrive you will:

  • Sign in at the computer on the desk
  • Wait to be checked in by one of our admissions staff members
  • Soon after check-In, you will be greeted by our staff and taken to a patient room
  • You may be asked to change into a gown and an IV may be placed in your arm
  • Before your procedure, you will speak with your doctor, an anesthesiologist or CRNA and the nurse who will be present for your procedure
  • Your procedure start time is an estimate. If we anticipate any delays, we will keep you and your family informed

During Your Procedure

For Surgical Patients we ask that friends and family members wait in the surgical waiting area on the first floor. The surgical staff will keep them informed and your physician will contact them when the surgery is over.

After Your Procedure

Surgery recovery times vary depending on your procedure and how you are feeling post-operatively. You will be taken to the recovery department, where a nurse will monitor you for approximately one to two hours. Your support person will be able to join you at some point in the post-recovery area. If you’re being admitted, your support person(s) may be with you in your hospital room.

Going Home

You are required to have a responsible adult drive you home after your procedure and recovery. It is recommended that someone be available to help you at home during the first 24 to 48 hours after your surgery.

Your at home instructions will be reviewed before  discharge. It is important that these instructions are understood and followed. Written instructions will be provided. The person helping you at home will also need to listen and understand these instructions.

Follow Up

You may receive a follow up call after your surgery to discuss your experience at Portneuf Medical Center. If you have questions or concerns please call 208-239-2946. To learn more about the department of surgery at Portneuf Medical Center visit our web page/surgery.