Relief from Epicondylitis: Theresa's Journey with Shockwave Therapy

Theresa Dickerson, a 68-year-old former ultrasonographer and X-ray tech, found solace from chronic epicondylitis in an unexpected solution offered by Anthony E Joseph, M.D., at Portneuf Medical Center. Her story sheds light on the impact of shockwave therapy, a breakthrough treatment that transformed her life.

Theresa's journey with epicondylitis spanned over two decades, stemming from the repetitive motions of her profession. Her right elbow underwent unconventional treatments like plasma injections, seeking relief from the constant pain. However, her pivotal shift came when Dr. Joseph introduced shockwave therapy for her left elbow, marking his pioneering use of this treatment.

In a recent interview, Theresa highlighted the discomfort of the initial shockwave sessions but expressed noticeable improvement by the third treatment. "The high-intensity ultrasound waves broke down calcified tissue, creating discomfort initially, but the relief was substantial," she shared. Dr. Joseph carefully calibrated the intensity, ensuring effectiveness without overwhelming discomfort.

The treatment sessions, lasting around 15 minutes each, were delivered while Theresa was seated, optimizing her positioning for better outcomes. By the third session, the inflamed tissues began healing, significantly reducing her persistent pain.

Theresa's testimony emphasizes the crucial role played by Dr. Joseph and his team. "He's the most caring physician I've seen," she said. "He's always updated on new treatments, prioritizing non-invasive solutions." His commitment to patient well-being resonated deeply with Theresa, reflecting his ethos of minimizing invasive procedures.

Manageable pain renews personal activities

Post-treatment, Theresa's life experienced a transformative shift. Everyday activities that were once agonizing, like lifting laundry or handling work-related tools, became manageable without enduring shooting pains. The therapy provided her a new lease on life, enabling future travel plans and hobbies without the shadow of constant discomfort.

Reflecting on her experience, Theresa enthusiastically recommended Dr. Joseph to friends, highlighting his exceptional care and commitment to non-invasive solutions. She praised the Portneuf Medical Center team for their compassion and professionalism throughout her treatment journey.

Theresa’s story underscores the power of innovative treatments like shockwave therapy and the positive impact of a caring healthcare provider. Theresa's story not only sheds light on her relief from chronic pain but also highlights the importance of personalized, non-invasive medical interventions in enhancing patients' lives.

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