Relief From Joint Pain May Help You Discover New Paths

Arthritis, injuries, and years of wear and tear can wreak havoc on our joints, especially the hip and knee. When joints wear out, they lose cartilage, which is the cushion for the joint. Bone-on-bone contact is often the end result. In addition to pain, symptoms may include stiffness, loss of mobility, decreased range of motion of the joint, impaired function and lower quality of life.

“Hip and knee replacement surgery is becoming more and more common. Many patients wish that they had underwent the surgery sooner,” said Cody Martin, MD, orthopedic surgeon with Portneuf Medical Group. “Joint replacement surgery can restore the function of the joint and bring much needed relief from pain, as well as restore mobility. My goal when talking with patients is to find the best treatment so they can get back on their feet and back to enjoying life.”

There are non-operative treatment options for worn out joints. However, if these treatments fail, joint replacement becomes the last option. If surgery is needed, it is imperative to find a surgical team and facility that offers a comprehensive joint replacement experience, built on principles that matter most, such as excellence, innovation, education, and patient centered care.

We care for retired patients whose pain interrupts fishing trips. We restore the quality of life for avid athletes whose sports injuries and arthritis are now interfering with hiking trips, and we help patients with hip pain find new paths and renew travel plans.

At Portneuf Medical Center orthopedics, we pride ourselves on the latest technologies, precise techniques, and outstanding outcomes. We are committed to treating each patient as an individual, not a number. Each patient deserves outstanding communication, education, comfort, and confidence in their team of experts. Surgical expertise and a well-trained multidisciplinary team work together to lead you through your joint replacement journey, from initial consult to recovery.

“Portneuf’s Total Joint Center expands the hospital’s tremendous legacy of caring for orthopedic patients” Dr. Martin said. “The center is staffed by a highly trained specialized team who work together to provide the best experience for the patient.”

Offering a full complement of patient services, Portneuf’s Joint program includes a preoperative joint school, planning for post-hospital care, onsite rehabilitation, physical therapy and occupational therapy. You can expect a higher level of hospitality at Portneuf Medical Center as our patients are the center of our focus.

If you have a worn out hip or knee, Portneuf Orthopedics can help you return to an active lifestyle and a higher quality of living. Our main goal is to get you back on your feet, both physically and psychologically. We strive to achieve this through a high level of technology, surgical expertise, open communication, hospitality, and continuity of care. Please call Portneuf Orthopedics at (208) 239-2620 or visit if you would like an evaluation and treatment.