Select one of the options below where you had your visit or medical test.


For medical visits made to Portneuf Medical Center or one of its departments, including:

  • Emergency Room
  • Laboratory
  • Idaho Medical Imaging
  • Portneuf Medical Imaging

Portneuf Medical Group

For medical visits made to one of Portneuf Medical Group clinics or practices, including:

  • Portneuf Cancer Center
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Cardiology
  • Ear Nose and Throat Clinic
  • Heart and Lung Surgeons
  • Internal Medicine
  • Lung and Sleep Disorder Clinic
  • Primary Care
  • Sleep Lab
  • Neuroscience Rehab Clinic
  • Outreach Clinics
  • Physical Medicine
  • Surgical Specialists
  • Urology
  • WorkMed
  • Wound Care & Hyperbaric
  • Pre-Surgery Clinic