PMC Supports the Healthy Idaho Plan

It's time for Idaho lawmakers to consider a unique health care plan to increase the quality and efficiency of the care most Idahoans receive, as well as expand health care coverage to 103,000 Idahoans working and living at the poverty line, including 3,800 veterans and their spouses. If implemented, Healthy Idaho saves our state $173 million which can be used to help fund priorities like education and provide tax savings. Under this plan, federal dollars would be used to help individuals purchase affordable health care coverage in the private insurance market, while others would gain coverage through a new Medicaid plan focused on personal responsibility and accountability. The Healthy Idaho Plan saves taxpayers, eliminates redundant government spending, and addresses our state’s needs. 63% of voters want lawmakers to adopt a plan for Idaho. Call on your Idaho legislators and Governor Otter to urge them to address this issue with our advocacy app. Idaho can’t afford to delay  

Healthy Idaho Affects Veterans, Education and Taxes

Idaho Veterans

  • Idaho has the second highest rate of uninsured veterans in the U.S.
  • Many honorably discharged vets do not have access to medical benefits after their service.
  • This plan would cover more than 1/3 of the 10,000 Idaho veterans as well as 1,200 of their spouses.


  • Our education system is broken. What could $173 million do to help?
  • Bringing back our federal tax dollars to help Idahoans working and living at the poverty level frees up state and local taxes for our schools and other priorities.

Tax Savings

  • Helps Idaho taxpayers by eliminating redundant government spending, creating property tax and income tax savings.