Renewed Knee for Active Portneuf Volunteer

About three and a half years ago, Karen Knowlton injured her knee in a fall. She tried knee injections, physical therapy, and even a knee brace to help relieve the pain. No matter what she tried, her knee never seemed to recover from her fall. Karen consulted her doctor and decided that a knee replacement was the best option to help her resume her active lifestyle.

As a Portneuf Medical Center volunteer, Karen knew choosing Portneuf for her knee replacement would be the best choice. On March 5, 2019, Karen received a total knee replacement. She described her medical staff as pleasant and friendly. Each staff member explained what they were going to do and they were more than willing to answer any questions.

“I was really pleased with my treatment while in the hospital, both before and after surgery,” says Karen. “The nurses were attentive and quick to help whenever Karen pushed the button for assistance.”

Karen felt very comfortable during her hospital stay. Her pain was controlled well, while she found the hospital bed very comfortable, and the food tastier than expected. She noted how the nurses always asked for her approval before they allowed a visitor to come into her room and appreciated how the staff members communicated with her.

Before Karen was released to go home, she received the appropriate training to help her fully recover at home. The staff encouraged her to get up and move around without being overbearing. Karen felt that each staff member took their time to explain each step and personally cared to talk to her and her husband.

“Considering that few look forward to surgery or a hospital stay, it was a really good experience,” Karen said. “I can’t even single out one or two individuals for extraordinary care, as they were all extraordinary in my opinion.”