How We Care For You

How We Care for You

hands clasped in comfort and support

High quality cancer care includes more than just medications or radiation therapy. Cancer doesn’t just impact a person’s physical health but also their emotional and financial health. Our center is committed to providing support that addresses this impact for our patients and for their caregivers. Here, you will find more information about the services offered at Portneuf Cancer Center that go beyond traditional care.

Our center employs financial advisors who can help identify financial resources for patients, can preauthorize recommended treatments and can apply for programs that may benefit patients who cannot afford certain aspects of their care. Also on staff is a registered dietitian who can answer questions regarding best dietary practices for patients going through treatment. A registered dietician is beneficial to patients who may have special dietary needs or who have alternative nutritional supports such as a feeding tube.

Also on staff is our patient navigator who can facilitate the implementation of a treatment plan as agreed upon by the patient and physician. This navigator can schedule important appointments, provide initial education, and help authorize interventions or further tests. Last but not least, we have a dedicated licensed clinical social worker who can not only provide counseling services but help mobilize resources for patients and their families.

Also available to our patients is the great support of the Cancer Patient Assistance Fund. This is a fund made possible by the generous donations of patients, caregivers and community members with the purpose of providing financial support to those getting treatment for cancer who may need help with expenses of life apart from medical bills, such as rent, gas, food and utilities. This has been a great asset to patients in dire circumstances and is a testament to the compassion of southeast Idaho residents.

Please be sure to ask us for more information about the professionals here at the cancer center who may be able to help you or your loved ones along this journey.