Social Work Services

Emotional Care

medical person holding the hand of a patient on a yellow blanket

Cancer patients often experience depression and anxiety as they adjust to life with cancer and face issues in survivorship. Our social worker is qualified and experienced in providing counseling to patients and/or family members whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Our social worker works closely with psychiatrists at the Portneuf Behavioral Health program to assist in the treatment of depression, anxiety, or other behavioral health needs. If you or a family member experience depression or anxiety please notify your physician, social worker, or nurse.


The affects of cancer and its treatment can have an impact on relationships given the increase in stress and the changes in roles. Counseling to address these issues can be beneficial for the patient and for family members whose relationships have been affected.

Support Group

To learn more about our Support Group click here. Our group is made up of cancer patients, supporters, and caregivers of different ages and with many different types of cancer.

Advanced Directives for Health Care

The social worker can help you understand and complete a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney.

Living/Care Facilities

The social worker can help with placement needs for patients and family. They will work with the patient and family to find an appropriate placement including transitional care, skilled nursing facility, long term care, or assisted living.

Guest House

Portneuf’s Guest House is available for patients and family members who are from out of town and need a place to stay during treatments. The house provides comfortable accommodations in close proximity to the Cancer Center and the hospital. Learn more about out Guest House, RV Park and Local accommodations here.

Home Health and Hospice

The social worker is available to help you understand the home health and hospice programs and how they may be beneficial to you. The social worker is able to help set up any of your home health needs including nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, aide care, or hospice.

Durable Medical Equipment

The social worker is available to help with obtaining needed medical equipment, including arranging foroxygen, a walker, wheelchair, etc…