Tumor Conferences & Rural Oncology Clinics

Tumor Conferences

Quality health care provided by a team of knowledgeable professionals includes crossdiscipline collaboration. In addition to staff at our cancer center, the oncologists participate in tumor conferences. Tumor conferences are meetings that take place 2-4 times per month in which more complex patient cases are presented to oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and internal medicine physicians so that a consensus can be reached in regards to the best plan of care for a patient. These conferences allow for sharing of information and experience of many professionals to maximize the best treatment course for some patients. Portneuf physicians meet twice monthly for general tumor conference (in which cases of all types of diagnoses can be discussed) and meet once monthly each for conferences dedicated to breast cancer and to pulmonary/ thoracic cancers.

Rural Oncology Clinics

Another aspect of collaborative care spearheaded by our oncology physicians is the concept of satellite cancer clinics in rural areas. As a clinic, we are aware that many of our valued patients travel great distances to receive adequate care at our facility. Our physicians have recently collaborated with medical facilities in Blackfoot, Malad, Salmon, Soda Springs and in the near future, Montpelier to provide onsite  oncology services to these areas. In many cases, chemotherapy can be administered at these clinic sites as well. This is a great service to patients who would otherwise have to travel long distances frequently to get the care they need. By bringing cancer treatment to these rural communities, Portneuf oncologists can reduce the burden of an already difficult experience.