Diabetes Education

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Has diabetes affected your life? Are you dealing with challenges? Perhaps you have questions and would like guidance and education on how to manage your diabetes.

Diabetes is a complex disease that requires daily self-management – making healthy food choices, staying physically active, monitoring your blood sugar and taking medications as prescribed. It is also important to talk regularly with your diabetes care team to problem solve, reduce risks for complications and cope with lifestyle changes.

A key member of any diabetes management team is a diabetes educator. These trained experts can help you learn how to take care of yourself — guide you through your treatment and help you with any fears, issues and problems you encounter along the way.

Our Diabetes Education program is taught by certified diabetes educators who are registered dietitians and nurses. Our program is designed to promote self-directed, self-management education for those with a  diagnosis of diabetes.

We are happy to be a part of your care team, give us a call today 208-239-2070.

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Diabetes Education
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